Saturday, November 8, 2008

About Stephanie

Stephanie started her career as a Professional Make Up Artist since 1999. Starting out as a young talent model, she has seen how make up can enhance features and hide flaws. With the encouragement of her mentor, she then embarks the journey to the beauty world.

Stephanie travels frequently for her assignments with famous model/singers/celebrities such as Irene Santiago, Jessica Lui, Carmen Soo, Gary Chaw (Taiwan), Danny One (HK), Queenie (Ambassador of ZA cosmetics, Shiseido). She has a keen interest in Bridal make up and have since made hundreds of brides gorgeous on their special day.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

About Joanna

Joanna Koh is no stranger to the fashion industry. Before embarking on her career in makeup artistry, she was a fashion model jet-setting to countries such as China, Turkey, Ghana, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand for fashion shows, photoshoots and modelling contests. It was her involvement with fashion that led her to learn about makeup and hairstyling. Having worked with celebrity artists such as Clarence Lee, Sam Ong, Wilson Eng, Greg-O and Tinoq Russel Goh as a model gave her the initial exposure to the world of makeup.

Her makeup style is well rounded to suit fashion, advertising and personal events such as weddings and D&Ds. She believes that makeup should never be too thick and unnatural that hides true beauty, but be used to bring out the best features in each individual, such as glowing skin, sparkling eyes or lush lips. Her style is to enhance smooth, natural looking skin and then create impactful features with the right dash of colors.

Magazines such as SHAPE, Maxim, Mens Folio, Playeur, Prestiege Kids, A+ feature her work in their fashion spreads and covers.

Inspiration comes from her frequent travels, and the colours both found in Nature and in the City.
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About Chris

Chris’s passion & love with makeup and beauty started at a young age and the passion for beauty continued as she grew up. With both professional makeup and hairstyling certificates, it enabled her to fulfill her dream of being a Makeup Artiste & Hairstylist.

Chris’s style of makeup has a sense of girlishness with a touch of glamour, natural and it brings out glamour and elegance. The aim is to enhance the features and own natural beauty of all her clients.
She has always put in all her effort and to do the best for all the clients as it is not just only to make them look good but its a sence of accomplishment....

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Package A -$1688
•1 day Make-up + Hairstyling
•3 evening Make-up + Hairstyling
•1 FOC Trial Make-up

Package B -$1288
•1 day Make-up + Hairstyling
•2 evening Make-up + Hairstyling
•1 FOC Trial Make-up

Package C -$988
•1 day Make-up + Hairstyling
•1 evening Make-up + Hairstyling
•1 FOC Trial Make-up

Package D -$888 (Luncheon Wedding)
•1 morning Make-up + Hairstyling
•1 day Make-up + Hairstyling
•1 FOC Trial Make-up

Package E -$588 (Dinner Only)
•1 Evening Make-up + Hairstyling

Studio PhotoshootMake Up - From $688
•2-3 looks depending on the requirements of the photographer.

ROM Package -$288
•1 ROM Make-up + Hairstyling

Optional Add-ons
Mothers & Bridesmaid Make-Up -$100 -$180

Ampoules - $15 - $25

Truly Harmony's clients will be entitled to 10% discount.

Full Package rates are available upon requests.

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